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Alison : cast is off
Diary entry posted Sat 6:05pm 29 January 2005

I haven't been here in a while. It was a conscious decision, as I was prone to find a reason to be paranoid, rather than comforted, in the postings and diaries. This is not a criticism of the folks that contribute their stories, but we still must all remember that we are having unique experiences and one person's nonunion is not applicable to all.

Anyway, my cast came off on Thursday after four and a half months (18 weeks and 3 days). I now have a brace on my leg, up to my knee. It's not the black Darth Vader boot that has been described here a hundred times before. It's the less glamorous gray one. The doctor wants me to wear it for the next month, although he says it is not necessary to wear in the house. I have gone without it in the shower and in bed, but I have to admit that, after all this time, I am fearful about being without an immobilizer. In fact, today I tried to go without while sitting at my desk and I felt nauseated and a little dizzy.

I start physical therapy next Friday for ROM and strengthening and I am hoping that it brings back the self-confidence that I desparately need.

The strange sensation is the feeling that I am walking downhill when my bare foot is on the ground. I am not sure where that comes from. And my calf is pathetic looking. It wouldn't look so bad if my thigh didn't look so fat, I guess, but it looks pretty horribly out of proportion. I could use a good ol'calf muscle to match the one on my left leg.

Got on the scale and it turns out that I have gained a little weight throughout this process. Nothing huge, but definitely a disappointment. I guess that's more of an incentive to get active once again.

I was going to drive my car today, but I chickened out. Maybe tomorrow, as long as the streets aren't slick. We'll see.

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 Sat 6:05pm 29 January 2005
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