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Comment : Re: Re: Welcome to the club!
Posted by Annette on Mon 12:31pm 4 October 2004

Only emotional pain on the muscle atropying! Sure will convince you not to spend your life being inactive!!

Oh yeah, did I mention that a callous file is a wonderful tool to have also? The parts that I can get to on my bad foot look better than my good foot! I really should spend some time on that one!

Anyone that wants to borrow your car sure should be willing to do something for you in return! Don't let anybody take advantage! If they want to drive your car, they should be willing to drive it WITH YOU IN IT!!

My daughter is in the Marching Band and I've been to every football game since I broke my ankle. The first one was one week post-op. It hurts but it's worth it! I go to church every Sunday now, shopping out to dinner, even went to The Rennassaince Festival (VERY BUMPY RIDE). I haven't done any damage yet-just make myself more sore than I need to be. Of course, this wouldn't be all possible without my wheelchair! Ask for a script-your insurance (hopefully you have some) may pay for a rental!

I'm going to get a pedicure the day I get my cast off!! I'll use my callous file as much as possible to make it far less gross for the poor girl!! Leave her a big tip!

Good Luck!!


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 Mon 12:31pm 4 October 2004
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