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Alison_H : External Fixator
Diary entry posted Mon 9:23am 25 September 2006

A silly silly accident on a trampoline with the children. A ball was thrown on the trampoline and I landed on it, twisted my leg to the side and heard a big crunching noise.
I'd never broken a bone before but knew that something serious had happened. We were all at my cousins house for a family party. Someone called for an ambulance. Over half an hour later a paramedic arrived and told me that he couldn't feel a break but just to be sure he would get an ambulance to take me to hospital for an x-ray. I was in agony. A further two hours passed before the ambulance arrived. I managed to get through a whole canister of gas and air.
At hospital I was diagnosed with a fractured tibia and put in full leg plaster. Two days later I underwent a 5 hour operation and came round with a delightful external fixator. It took me a while to get my head around the fact that the pins went through my leg.
I was in hospital for two weeks where I learnt to hop with the aid of a zimmer.
My husband and parents adapted my home, making the dining room into my bedroom and taking off doors where needed.
25/9 - I am seven weeks in. It has taken a long time to get any confidence with the exfix. I was very scared on catching it or being knocked by someone. Everything takes a long time. The pin sites have stayed clean which is a huge relief. I use two bin bags stuck down by duck tape round my leg before showering to keep it all dry. Managed to get knickers that will stretch over the frame and have borrowed friends skirts and dresses as I am usually a trouser girl.
I'm taking daily calcium suppliments, have switched to de-caff (caffine increases calcium excretion from the body) and have upped my fruit and veg intake. Can't give up the night time glass of wine though!
Physio has just got me putting some weight through my leg. Was very nervous about this but it is feeling good and seems a big progression towards getting better.
Have difficulty getting to sleep as I am not comfortable and desperately want to roll onto my side. Tbe past few weeks i've woken up with a pain in my hip which I think is due to walking lopsided.
I'm feeling positive. I've got fantastic family who have been amazing with caring for me and my 3 children (aged 5, 4 and 2). I also know that I have some true friends. I'm hoping only about 7 more weeks of living with the exfix. Fingers crossed.

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 Mon 9:23am 25 September 2006
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