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Comment : Don't give up baby!
Posted by Tania_B2 on Fri 1:24am 6 October 2006

HI Alison,
I'm sorry to hear about your accident and that ex-fix beast... It must be quite tough to live with it. Is it a huge one or "just" one rod? I never had this beast but I had "only" a few pins in my foot that were sticking out of my skin and it was really unpleasant experience - they were getting caught in the padding of my cast and I felt them moving in my bones :-( I'm glad I'm off this now. I hope you'll get your fixateur off soon too!
It's cool you're getting used to it and you're having social life despite your injury! I was sooo glad when i went out for the first time, despite all the pain I felt great, I felt like a living human again. Maybe it's jut me but I just can't sit on the sofa for a whole day.
Oh, did I mention you found a great site for broken legged people? Tons of great information, advice and very supportive, positive atmophere!

I wish you speedy and smooth recovery,

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 Fri 1:24am 6 October 2006
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