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Comment : Re: Re: Exfix
Posted by Mandy on Thu 9:02pm 28 September 2006

That is strange how much differently they are treating your pin sites! Well, I'm sure there's a reason. I kept gauze on mine cause I didn't like the thought of it being in the open-air, even though nurses told me I didn't need to, so who knows! And the peroxide did't hurt at all, I promise. I didn't even feel it, but the thought of it is scary!

I actually broke my right leg and hip and my left wrist in a car wreck in January. I guess I left the part about having a broken leg off! Everything healed right on time, except I smashed my tib/fib and and am using a bone stimulator for a few more weeks till I see if I have to have a bone marrow transplant. I'm starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel, though, so I'll do whatever I need to to get back to reality!

Oh, and you can barely even see where the pins were in my hand. It's a little worse on my arm, but I'm trying that Mederma.

That's very cool that you're going out, and I'm glad you take a pillow!

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 Thu 9:02pm 28 September 2006
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