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Comment : your 2 week op visit
Posted by louise b on Wed 5:43am 6 October 2010

Hello alison, i have just read your post about how you got on yesterday glad everything is ok ...if its any help i kinda had the same experiance yesterday to.
a nurse took me in a cubical took my pot of and left me,we was waiting for a doctor for ages he came said " get of the bed and walk ..WALK i thought i dont know how to it was the most werid feeling ever he didnt explain anything did not tell me what i should be feeling etc my foot and ankle are still so swollen and my heel is black and blue.
He discharged me and said physio would be in touch that was it.

Like you say its free its the nhs and they see patients like us everyday but when its never happened to you before you just need a little consideration.
E mail me any time i know what you will be thinking four wks to go it seems so long be honestly it does go fast...i gonna post my diary on here now i would love to help someone get through this knightmare..

Look after yourself and take care

lots of love louise xx

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 Wed 5:43am 6 October 2010
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