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Alison_Q : 5 weeks Post Op
Diary entry posted Mon 3:23pm 25 October 2010

OK well I am getting really fed up of this NWB malarky! The novelty of lying around has completely worn off and I just want to be normal again.
Firstly, I feel I am not making any progress. Nothing has changed with me from week to week. ROM is no better at all despite my feeble attempts to push further. Gets to about 50 degrees then stuck with a nasty sharp pain on the medial side. I think this is meniscus and soft tissue damage and I am going to ask about this at my check up next week.
Secondly, why oh why am I so depressed? I am normally a positive person and I hate self pity. So why these crying jags all the time and feelings that I will never be walking normally again or able to ride my horse or walk my dog? I cannot find any motivation to read and I have loads of good books waiting.
Thirdly, I worry that I should be doing PT by now as I am concerned about muscle loss and my ankle and cant understand why it hurts and I cannot move it when the problem is my knee.
On top of that I am going flabby and putting on weight which I can ill afford to do as my knee has to carry enough anyway. I also feel I am a nuisance to everyone and my family are getting fed up of doing everything for me!

There .... a good old self pitying rant! Just wanted to record for this diary how horrible I am feeling at this 5 week stage. Things can only get better :)

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 Mon 3:23pm 25 October 2010
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