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Alison_Q : 6 weeks Post Op Check Up
Diary entry posted Tue 11:58am 2 November 2010

Well just got back from hospital after my 6 week check up. As usual I come home with more questions than when I went in - but I think it went ok!

Firstly, I was surprised not to have an xray. OS answer 'There will be no change since I last looked'. Since this was at the 2 week post op stage and 4 weeks have passed since then, shouldn't he want to see if there is any bone growth? The scar has healed nicely although it was uncomfortable when he pressed it quite hard and said 'I can feel the plate'. Actually I am really pleased that the area of the TPF is not giving much pain - I thought it would be the most painful bit!
What does give me pain is the medial side and under the kneecap. OS tried to force ROM but could only get to 70 and it was agony. He said knee very stiff and still swollen and he thinks there is meniscus damage but said 'we didn't look at that' and 'now is not the time for me to put a camera in your knee'. I got the impression he doesn't want to disturb healing.
Good news is that he thinks urgent need for physiotherapy and I am starting that on Monday. I guess I can discuss stiffness and ROM issues with the physiotherapist and maybe she can throw some light on meniscus problem. I wanted to ask why OS didnt look at it - particularly as I have a small round wound from operation on the medial side and I thought they used a camera during op? Would this be normal for a TPF? If not camera why else would I have a hole?

Good news is that OS has said I can start to put a little weight on my leg - I guess this is WBAT? He made me stand up without holding on and try it - and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt that much just felt like someone else's leg. He just said 'its only been 6 weeks thats why it feels funny'. Didn't tell how to practice this though so if anyone here can suggest any exercises for putting gentle weight on leg it will be much appreciated. How often should I do this?

Don't have to go back until December 14th - which is 6 weeks away. OS said he will do another xray then and see what progress has been made with physio. Seems a long way away to me - almost Xmas!

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 Tue 11:58am 2 November 2010
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