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Alison_Q : 12 weeks Post Op Check Up
Diary entry posted Tue 12:38pm 14 December 2010

12 week hospital visit today – nothing really wrong I just felt I didn’t get the appropriate amount of time. I look forward to these appointments and always come out feeling short changed!

The orthopaedic waiting room was jam packed and also full of screaming babies (?) which would probably account for why OS registrar was in a rush and spent approx 5 minutes with me! I did manage to get an xray of my ankle (as well as the knee) but he said everything looks fine and there is nothing wrong with it. Blamed the peroneal nerve and said it would be that that was causing the pain. I just need to walk on it more!

He said the knee is healing fine “just needs a bit of arthroscopy” and he will sort it out when I go back in 6 weeks time in January. “You’re getting a lot of pain from that meniscus aren’t you” was his only comment (as he forced his thumb under the kneecap and I leapt in the air!!)

ROM still an issue - managed to bend it to 90 but he said “You can do better than that” and tried to push. He then just laughed and said “oh well better than before anyway” when he realised it wasn’t going further. No advice or explanation given.

Still in pain on medial side when walking - but I still dont know why this is. Meniscus? Hopefully arthroscopy will sort this out as it is preventing me walking further.

I have to got to stay with the crutches until Jan 25th but I managed to ditch the hinged brace yippee – which means I can wear jeans again. And more importantly jodphurs LOL - well for looking at my horse at least :)

My TPF journey continues ....

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 Tue 12:38pm 14 December 2010
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