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Alison_Q : 18 Week Appt - Upset!
Diary entry posted Wed 2:06pm 26 January 2011

Well not good news today. Saw the OS instead of registrar for the first time and he was not optimistic at all. Basically I am heading for a knee replacement in a few years - meanwhile I will have to bear the pain and lack of ROM. Well actually need one now but I am too young! I have however been referred to a knee specialist as opposed to my OS who is 'orthopaedic trauma' - and have an appointment in 3 weeks.

The OS showed me my original xrays - lots of bone fragments but also arthritis across full tibial plateau - both sides. Said plate and pins have 'lifted' bone as much as possible but my knee is 'never going to be any good' and will always be stiff. The pain is caused by joint surfaces he said - not meniscus which his registrar had told me. Knee specialist may do arthroscopy to smooth out surfaces but unlikely to help me much and it is a case of waiting for knee replacement when I can 'bear pain no more'.

So ... not good news at my age - just turned 47. And I didnt know I even had arthritis - guess the years of horse riding and being on the heavy side have done some damage. I didnt have knee pain before the TPF - so I am confused how all of a sudden I am so bad?? I hope to get some answers from knee specialist as I just feel so confused.

At this stage then I am feeling very down. I thought I was going to have a full recovery but it would seem the next few years are not going to be fun! And I think the bedside manner of my consultant sucks!

The TPF journey continues ...

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 Wed 2:06pm 26 January 2011
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