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Comment : Re: How did it go?
Posted by Alison_Q on Wed 2:13pm 26 January 2011

Hi Annie,
Not good! See post above. It all came as a bit of a shock to me and I had a 'pity party' for myself yesterday and some tears. Today I am feeling stronger and more able to deal with what has been said.
I have decided to wait until I see the knee specialist but if the news is grim I may get a second opinion from a private knee specialist. I don't like the idea of 3 years of pain and disability just to meet the NHS guideline on age. I would prefer quality of life now. So next 3 weeks I will continue to practise walking without my crutch in the house and doing my exercises - then see what prognosis is.

How are things going with you? I do hope your TPF journey proves to be easier than mine. This really is a life changing injury!

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 Wed 2:13pm 26 January 2011
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