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Comment : Re: Re: How did it go?
Posted by Annie_L on Thu 3:33am 27 January 2011

That is a real bummer. I can imagine how you feel. I already had arthritis behind my left knee and I know that I will need a knee replacement in the future. (I always joked that I wouldn't have it until they do keyhole surgery- not a worry now with the scar that I have) I didn't know they would consider it at 50. However, I have known about my knee for years, the onset was gradual and I have flare-ups and then it settles down. Talk to the knee specialist and get other advice. To date I have had no remedial work on my arthritis other than a couple of steriod injections. Although I didn't have full range of movement in it before my accident I could still walk, dig allotment, ski (with a knee support), I just knew when to make allowances for it. Surgeons like to paint the blackest picture they can. Maybe so they appear to be heroes if things don't go as badly. I agree NHS bedsit manner sucks. Stupid thing is you can see the same guy privately and he will be as nice as pie.
Re- the weight - I am 5'4" and size 10. My GP told me to lose weight awhile ago to avoid excess strain on my knee. I more or less told him where to go.
Just turned 47 as well so I am watching with interest.
Try rubbing emu oil into your knee, it is very good.

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 Thu 3:33am 27 January 2011
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