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Alison_Q : Knee Specialist
Diary entry posted Fri 3:57am 18 February 2011

Been to see knee specialist and I am feeling more positive now that something is going to be done for me :)

After some rather painful tests (OS said ‘I am sorry this will be nasty’ then proceeded to stick his thumb under my kneecap and twist my knee joint!!) it was decided I will be having arthroscopy – so he can see what is going on and exactly what he is dealing with. The plan if it is scar tissue causing pain and bending problems – is to clean out joint, shave joint surfaces then perform ‘manipulation’ while I am asleep to break up adhesions and get ROM. Fortunately I will be having a general anaesthetic so won’t know anything about this barbaric sounding procedure! Then I have to stop in hospital for a day or two on a ‘continuous passive motion’ machine if necessary.

However, if it is a meniscus tear causing problems – he will perform a ‘menisectomy’ to remove part of cartilage.

Either way, he feels he can help me regain some ROM and reduce pain in the short term and also assess the state of the bones and cartilage for a long term plan. As you know, my last trauma OS gave a very pessimistic view saying I needed a TKR as had advanced trauma onset arthritis. This was not mentioned today!

So ... more surgery ....but I think this will help me and at least I will know more about what is going on with me :)

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 Fri 3:57am 18 February 2011
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