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Comment : Re: a friend
Posted by Alison_Q on Mon 11:43am 4 October 2010

Hi Louise. Great to hear from you - and so close to me also! Sounds like you are doing really well if your cast is coming off tomorrow - thats great news and it will be so much easier for you. Hopefully you will be able to try some part weight bearing?
I cannot wait to get to that stage - I am also at the hospital tomorrow but for my 2 weeks post op check. I am hoping to have stitches out though and I would really like to receive some good news about healing.
What a shame for you to have an accident on holiday. This must have made it so much worse! Just hope it wasn't at the start? I have had to cancel my holiday to Florida as it was less than a week from my op - family were not pleased! We have rebooked for March - so my goal is to be totally normal by then! Mind you, I keep reading about all these people who have problems after 6 months so please dont let this be me!!
Depression tell me about it! I just wasnt prepared for the emotional side of things at all. I fact I am still pretty tearful and have moments of self pity. I really dont like this new ultra sensitive me.

Good luck tomorrow - do let me know how it goes.


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 Mon 11:43am 4 October 2010
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