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Alison_Q : 2 Weeks Post Op Check Up
Diary entry posted Tue 12:22pm 5 October 2010

Well I had my 2 week check up today. No problems but the experience has just left me feeling vaguely depressed. I know my consultant was busy and in a rush but he didnt have to make it quite so obvious! I also appreciate that this is the UK NHS - and it is free - but even so!
Had some xrays taken and he seemed pleased that everything looked ok. I asked to see them and he did show me them on his PC and gave a brief explanation. I asked what 'type' of TPF I had and he replied 'Mmm a 2 maybe a 3 but nearer a 2 - and you dont really need to know. Anything else?'
I then asked if there was any cartilage or meniscus damage and the reply was 'yes I am sure there is but that is not my main concern'. "i'll see you in 4 weeks'.
I was then ushered out in my wheelchair and left to put my own knee brace back on. He reappeared again to say 'oh how is the pins and needles' and I said a bit better than it was but still cant move my ankle properly. The reply was 'it will come back' at which point he leant over and ripped off 4 steristrips from wound saying 'And you dont need them anymore'.
So ...another 4 weeks non weight bearing with my walking frame and instructions to flex knee. Would have been nice to have had more opportunity to ask questions about prognosis but that will have to wait until next time!

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 Tue 12:22pm 5 October 2010
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