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Comment : Taking care I hope!
Posted by Crys on Sat 2:15am 9 September 2006

I read your story and believe I can relate as I feel quite terrible for what you've gone through. I had a very strenuous career before a car accident really ended that for me. I'm recently 30 and with an accident in April of 05, am still not walking! With loads of care in hospital and at home, I'm now in DC in America while my home was London. Luckily, after a year of replacements and bone growth, everything is now mended and the scars are barely there(!).

I suppose my advice is to be consciously aware of your nerves though. I don't know if you had nerve damage, as mine didn't show up for a while, and now I'm still on wheels because of a bad hip and unresponsive nerves from the thigh down.

Hopefully you're doing better not only physically, but mentally. I know that was sometimes even more difficult than the pain! I believe I've finally come to terms with the ending of my physical career and now I'm... profession-less! Lol. But the great thing is of course family and friends. Keep them close at all times!

Take care.

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 Sat 2:15am 9 September 2006
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