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Comment : Can't Sleep
Posted by Alison T on Sat 5:26pm 11 February 2006

I have had the staples removed, scar is bumpy and my leg looks like an elephant leg still, only more bumpy, i look at my leg and try to remember what it looked like before the crash, i used to have a nice pair of legs, but i cant remember them now, I still find it difficult to turn over in bed, my left leg hurts and feels so heavy, even with a pillow tucked in between my legs.
I wonder when the things i took for granted will be easy again, like getting in the bath, i now have to sit on a seat beside the bath and swing my right leg into bath and then lift my left leg in the ease myself over the side and drop with a big splash, i used to have showers but cant stand without anything to hold onto.

I miss walking round the shops, i cant try on clothes, bit difficult when you need two crutches to hold you up.

Cant wait to run again, i wonder if i will ever be able to hop!

Well thats my thoughts for tonight, see you again soon diary hope im more cheerfull next time. x

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 Sat 5:26pm 11 February 2006
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