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Comment : RE: U never now What's round the Corner!!!
Posted by Chip on Mon 7:46am 1 August 2005

Hello Allison,

So sorry to hear about your accident.
Unfornately, i know what it is like.
When i was younger(almost 20 yrs now) i witnessed pure stupidity at its finest.

While driveing with some friends on a windy road, so idiot thinks it's ok to pass on a turn.

As you can imagine...Wham right into another oncoming car. It is the most horrific thing for a Teen to see. the pure carnage and mangled Metal.

Anyways, not trying to make you relive your accident, just trying to let you know, i remember what that was like.

My friends and i jumped out and assisted the old couple pinned in there vehicle, while the idiot who passed us, was a cousin of one of the passengers in my car. That Idiot(Driver who caused head on collision)was so drunk he climbed out and stumbled Away yelling at us for making him illegally pass us!!!!

I am glad to hear you are alive!!!!

My story isn't as exciting, but, you can read it here http://mybrokenleg.com/chip

When you feel Down, try and remember this...

"It is always the darkest before the Dawn of a beautiful new Day!

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 Mon 7:46am 1 August 2005
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