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Allan : 2/13/06 - Goodbye Staples, Hello Weight
Diary entry posted Mon 11:23pm 15 May 2006

It's been 29 days since my accident in Tica Tica, Bolivia. 26 days since my surgery in Newport Beach, California.

I'm moving around on the crutches more easily. I'm off the narcotics and have switched to Advil. My leg still stiffens up at night. I wake. Stretch and flex the bugger. Then have a hard time getting back to sleep. At least taking a shower is easier ever since the splint was removed. The scars from the incisions don't look too bad. Dry skin. Still some bruising, but even that's disappearing.

But today Dr. Chang removed the surgical stables. I remember stitches. These are the first staples I've had. Not sure if they used Bostich or SwingLine, but their holding the incisions together. But if I bump into something, I think the staples jab me with more of a shock than the broken bones.

"Perfect," Dr. Chang says as he looks at my x-rays. His patient room fitted with a blacklight, peace beads and a mirror ball. He's casual today looking more like a "civilian" than a surgeon.

"Huh?" I ask dumfounded. I'm more than acutely aware of what happens when I put a tad of weight on that leg. "Last visit you told me you were worried that I might put weight on the leg!" I said remembering his comment from my visit 2 weeks ago. "It's only been three and half weeks since surgery."

He gazes at the x-ray, points at a few things and indicates he's rather happy with the surgery and how it's healing. "Nope. You're ready. Just start slow. Your body will tell you." He tells me to use my crutches but to make contact with my foot on ground. "In three weeks you'll be throwing those things away!"

He's confident. And I hope he's right. I'm still swollen around the knee and calf. And my thigh muscles seem a bit atrophied. Nothing some exercise and therapy can't help reverse.

So I'm on the mend. And while I think Dr. Chang is a bit ambitious and over zealous, what the hell. I'm going for it.

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 Mon 11:23pm 15 May 2006
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