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Allison : I'm not a Texas Rollergirl - FX Fib 9.4.07
Diary entry posted Sun 7:28am 9 September 2007

Or anything glamorous at all. I do know a woman who broke her leg in three places auditioning for the Texas Rollergirls. Now that's the way to break your leg. Checking the mail definitely pales in comparison, but that's what I was doing. Checking the freaking mail. One foot in the mud, one on slippery concrete. Mud foot takes a step onto slippery concrete and never makes good contact - slipping - nothing to hold onto - keys, purse, kids' backpacks - everything goes flying. I end up laying in front of my house yelping with the kids inside and husband still at work.

My cell phone starts to ring at this point - it's my husband wanting to know what's doing - oh nothing much except COME HOME NOW! So I lounged on the concrete for about 1/2 hour while I waited for him to get home, only when we tried to get me upright it hurt so bad we realized the only way to get me to the ER was to call an ambulance. Dollar signs dancing in my head - we had no choice. Long story short, broken fibula down near the ankle. I was sent home with a splint and crutches and instructions to go see an OS. I really hate September 4th.

Saw the OS two days later and here's what he said. For this kind of break, it is common practice to do surgery and put a plate in. However, in my situation, it's a clean break, not displaced very much, and there is no other damage to the rest of the ankle. For this reason, the dr. offered a non-surgical option, which is basically wear a boot until it heals on its own.

Each scenario has its own risks, but it seems slightly more risky to skip the surgery since there is a chance it could not heal properly and I would end up needing the surgery anyway down the road. On the other hand, it's surgery, and I'd be completely laid up for 2 wks until I could get a boot on.

I have to say I'm leaning toward a non-surgical path, a decision which is a combination of friends' advice, stories on this board of people with a similar fx (Arlen, Jean), and gut feeling. This decision would be easier without kids. Nothing but diet coke, the price is right and vicodin. But I have a 4yo and 6yo who keep the activity level in this house very high and I just need to get back on my feet (foot) as soon as I can without complications. I hope I have made the right decision.

To say this sucks is clearly an understatement. It's my right leg, so driving is out. I have to find the boys rides to school and back and that means asking for help from other parents - something I'm not used to, nor comfortable with. I'm wheeling myself around the house on our computer chair mostly, only using the godforsaken crutches when absolutely necessary as I don't feel comfortable with them yet and it doesn't seem like I will ever have the upper body strength to make it so. The only saving grace has been my husband who has admirably taken over literally everything involved in running the house. His marveling at "how do you do it" is bittersweet. Of course it's nice for him to have this newfound appreciation, but I would give anything to switch places with him and take on the extra work myself while being able to walk. I have a feeling he would take on the "relax" role a lot better than I have.

So for those of you with my same injury, could you tell me - how often and for how long do you take the boot off? I have been taking it off about 3x/day to ice my ankle which feels wonderful. I've been sleeping in it even though it's uncomfortable, and I can take it off to shower. It's only 5 days into this, so I'm trying to keep it as immobile as possible. I know some have posted that they have a cast, not a boot - so taking it off is not an option. I have an air cast which seems so heavy sometimes, especially at night. The weight of it wants to push my foot to the side when I lay down and bringing the foot back upright hurts so bad. Any suggestions appreciated. I have been drinking lots of milk, eating well, not smoking (I used to sneak one every now and then). Has anyone had any positive experiences with comfrey? I was thinking of buying a comfrey salve. Thanks for the venting arena, Paul. I have learned a lot on this site.


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 Sun 7:28am 9 September 2007
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