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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Bone stimulator insurance requirements
Posted by Josh on Mon 9:21pm 20 August 2007

They are a prescribed medical device and therefore cannot be reused. It would be like using someone elses prescription for a pain medication or antibiotic. They are also pre-programmed for a certain number of treatments over a certain period of time to prevent people from trying to sell them or other. Thier safety has not been established in certain situations (pregnancy, cancer, etc...) so without a doctor's evaluation they could be dangerous (theoretically).

The cost is also far less than more sugeries, which can be a result of poor healing.

Also, the cost is set by Medicare, not the companies. Blame the insurance companies, they set the price, parameters, and protocols, and still deny thier own rules.

And yes, I do worked for a doctor, and nobody gets paid for using them. Check the research, they're proven effective to some degree. They are only as good as the person's willingness to be compliant.

Good luck.

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 Mon 9:21pm 20 August 2007
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