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Comment : Re: Re: My horse fell on me!!!
Posted by Veronica on Tue 11:59pm 15 May 2007

My horse fell on me 6wks ago.I was riding in the bush with a friend having a lovely time when for no reason at all she just fell sidways crushing my leg under her.I knew I had brocken my leg but it was nit until she decided to just lie there that
I was really in pain.The next thing I heard this almoghty snap that echoed around the trees.she got up and seemed to be ok.My friend had to go for help and we were miles from anywhwere without our phones.I was lying in the bush for 2hours,it was raining and pretty cold and I could feel things crawling on me.When the ambos finaly found me I had tics and leeches on me and had been bitten by a couple of redback spiders.I ended up witha spiral fracture of my tibia and fibula and pretty sick from the poison.
The bone has not grown at all in the 6 weeks and I been really good.I am strting to put a little weight on it now and stil on the crutches.The worst thing is I really miss my horses and going for long walks.The family are good but it has been 6 wks already anf who knows how long to go.I am trying to work and do things but it is so exhausting and you can;t even carry a cup of tea.Good luck with yours

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 Tue 11:59pm 15 May 2007
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