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Comment : Re: My horse fell on me!!!
Posted by Jayda on Thu 12:20am 28 January 2010

Woah, that sucks. I had a similar experiance - though it wasn't my leg that broke. I was trying a gelding out, he was fairly young, but extremely well broke. I had been riding him a good part of the day, with a lot of breaks when someone mentions they want to go on a trail. So I went out with her, and five others. We crossed through the pasture, and were nearing the gate at that point. Most of us were experianced riders, but there was this woman who's son was pretty green - and on a horse that wasn't exactly known for being sweet. His horse was trying to bump the gelding, the teen obviously struggling to control her before she took the bit. It happened so fast, I hardly recall the entire story, it all seems like flashes to me. The mare's teeth bared at my gelding, and she yanked her head free before lunging at us. The gelding absolutely went bat sh*t crazy - and I don't blame him. He ran past her as she turned to kick. I'm not sure if it landed or not, but next thing I know he's taking off back to the barn - and I'm ducking so the Oak tree doesn't take my head off. The ground was very messy, it had rained the previous night, which is why we weren't planning on doing much other than lazing around and walking. Apparently fate had other ideas, however. I tried to calm him, I found if I tried halting him he'd speed up. So I just sat tight, tried to stay calm - I figured he's slow to a trot or so as soon as we were out of sight of the mare, he was a lazy horse after all. Then I locked onto the patch of ground dead ahead, beneath the upcoming patch of trees the ground was soaked through, standing water a few inches, mud everywhere. I wanted to vomit - the urge to dry heave was overwhelming. I knew it was happening before it ever did. When his front feet hit the muddy soil, he slid forward, and when his hind legs hit the ground he was out of control, it seemed like he struggled to regain footing for an eternity. It was only a few seconds, however. I felt him fall to the left, almost like we were floating it felt. In a last ditch effort I freed my right foot to jump before realizing I had entangled my left when I lifted myself up. As he fell I somehow managed to propel away from him - but the impact was still horrid. I heard a sickening crunch as his barrel crushed most of my lower leg and foot, pain shot through me instantly. The horse quickly rolled off of me, however, and began nuzzling me. If I hadn't had a helmet on, it would have been so much worse. I hit the ground hard, blacking out on impact. My foot was screaming, and apparently so was I. The more experianced of my comrades was at my side in a heartbeat, worried quite obviously. Another quickly took the gelding, ponying him back to the barn. She didn't return, the owner did, however, on an ATV with an attached flat bed. I was lifted onto it and transported back to the barn, my head pounding and my foot screaming. When asked what happened, I told of how the mare became aggressive and the gelding spooked, and fell on me. Calls were made, my mother arrived soon to transport me to the ER. I was told the horse was too much for me, and was never allowed on him again after that. I wound up with a pulverized foot, twisted ankle [naturally], and a concussion.

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 Thu 12:20am 28 January 2010
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