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Amanda4 : I was skiing down the mountain.
Diary entry posted Wed 6:14pm 17 February 2010

I've been skiing for about 5 years, took 2 lessons the first year - it was hard at first, but I got used to it and soon it seemed to just happen. I hadn't really been able to go lately because I got my first ever full time job and rarely get a full weekend off. Very excited to have this one weekend off since I had started about 4 months ago, my parents took me to their house in New Hampshire and we were going to go skiing. I'm not gonna lie... I was pretty excited.

Feb 6, 2010 - We get ready for the day, do a couple runs on the easy slope then we go up to the top and take the medium trails down... everything went well the first time so we decided to go up again. Took the same path, and everything was going well until I decided to ski a little ahead of my parents and started going a bit too fast, got too close to the edge and by the time I realized I needed to turn I was tucking myself into a ball trying to avoid getting hurt as I fall down into the 30 foot ditch next to the trail.

Lying in the ditch, my dad asks me if I can walk out and I said no because no matter how slowly I moved my leg it hurt, it hurt bad! So I stayed there 20 minutes until ski patrol finally showed up.
1 guy at first, Bob - a really nice older man, then 3 others.. PJ helped carry me out of the hole along with one other, Paul. With the other ski patrol guy (whose name I can't recall) and my father pulling the rope to get me out while strapped to the backboard I was out within minutes and being skiied down the mountain on a sled and put into the first aid building.
I told them my knee hurt and they gave me a cardboard brace until I could get to the hospital because "they dont mess with knees"

That was how my broken leg adventure started...


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 Wed 6:14pm 17 February 2010
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