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Amanda_L : Going on week 10 NWB
Diary entry posted Thu 11:44am 19 March 2009

It will be my lucky 10 week anniversary this Friday and I am still NWB. I fractured my tib fib in 6 places, had surgery and now have 17 screws and 2 plates in leg.

Day by day goes VERY slow, time taken only by reading, TV, internet, and craft projects. The weeks seem as though they go fairly fast. I think the worst of it all is having to depend on others for everything from cooking, cleaning, getting out of the house, shopping, and general entertainment. I am really ancy to drive and just turn up the radio with the windows down.

I really don't have a ton of pain. Sleeping is still a struggle, just getting comfortable with the cast. My hands are used to the constant pain of the crutches and I have bicycle gloves now, which might look pretty silly, but they sure help with the pressure on the palms! Somedays feels like I have carpal tunnel from all the pressure. My foot/toes still turn a pretty dark purple when they are below my heart for more than 5-10 minutes, which is frustrating!!

I have a bone stimulator and for the first time ever, at week 9, the docs saw a small glimmer of "shadow" on my xrays - indicating healing in 2 of the 6 fractures. They cant say if its the body naturally healing or the stimulator pushing it along, but I will take it either way!!

I had a lot of support the first few weeks, but some of that has dwindled down now. Its as if people (and sometimes myself) think that the further along I get, the more I should be capable of doing. I get frustrated at times when I have this thought too!!

I have planned a couple of girls nights at my house - just to have social interaction and play some games on the floor (with my leg up of course!!). Anything to help kill time!!

Anyways - not much we can do about our broken bones after the fact! Calcium, Vitamin D, and rest!!!!

Here's to bone healing for us all!!!

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 Thu 11:44am 19 March 2009
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