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Amanda_L : Depression
Diary entry posted Mon 3:24pm 23 March 2009

It's finally come. The time when I can't seem to find ANYTHING to do that doesnt bore me, the realization that this really sucks, and the realization that "12 weeks in hard cast" really was just an estimate. I've done well through it all so far, then just last week, everything got to me and I have been an emotional wreck ever since. I drop something, I cry. I can't go/do/see something, I cry. I think about the next few weeks, I cry. I can't find clothes to wear, I cry. Its neverending and so depressing! Like a dam that just let loose and has payback for the past 11 weeks.
My husband is doing a great job handling me and I am hoping that he doesnt run for the hills. I am a mess, and I know it, but can't figure out how to stop it. I just want my life back - life of running, working out, triathlons, riding my bike, running errands... those little things!! I also wish for a crystal ball so I could at least get the DATE I will be able to put some sort of weight on my bl. Grrr........ So that's my rant for the day!!!

1-9-09 Fx tib/fib; surgery; 17 screws; 2 rods
2-26-09 No healing. Bone Stimulator.
3-12-09 signs of healing in 2 of 6 fx. Add'l
8 weeks in hard cast (total of 20) grr

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 Mon 3:24pm 23 March 2009
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