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Amanda_L : Tips for those on crutches
Diary entry posted Fri 2:31pm 27 February 2009

Its been 7 weeks since I fractured my tib fib in 6 places, had surgery and now have 17 screws & 2 rods in there! I am non weight bearing, and will be for at least 12 weeks. My toes turn a gnarly color purple when they are below my heart for too long. My arms/hands ache from the crutches. I have weird burning sensations from time to time, along with muscle spasms. I am anxious to get back to some sort, any sort, of activity!!

But I thought I would compile a list of tips for those on crutches/with a broken leg that I never would have thought of before!

- hoodies with pockets are my best friend. I can carry nearly anything!
- I have a bath chair and it has saved my butt more than once while bathing daily!!
- I have a grab bar on the tub so I can stand up without human assistance for most of the time
- I exercise by using a hand cycle I got from Walmart for $25. It is amazing. I also do leg lifts, sit ups and push ups (on my knees). Simple exercise to get blood flowing is a major life saver.
- I drink a LOT LOT LOT of water. They say this will help!!
- Dark soda is off limits. Anything with phosphates in it will hinder calcium from bonding to bone according to my doc.
- I take prenatal vitamins because they have the most "stuff"
- I take baby aspirin once per day for blood clots. I was on blood thinner, but graduated!!
- Keep chapstick by your bed!
- Write everything down. You will forget what everyone tells you!
- I use a nail file under my cast on the bottom of my foot to get rid of that gross, hard skin that sticks to the cast lining.
- Cotton ball pieces under toe nails prevent ingrown toenails.
- Mirolax works awesome for constipation. Little exercise = little bowel motion.
- Massages are my best friend!!!!
- Those non skid socks they give you at the hospital really are better than regular socks on hard floors.
- Make sure your crutches are DRY when walking inside on hard floors. Ouch.

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 Fri 2:31pm 27 February 2009
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