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Comment : I broke the same bones, but no surgery needed
Posted by Jay on Sat 7:27pm 28 February 2009

Sounds like you had nastier breaks than me. Other than fracturing my spine in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago, I never broke anything before, either and I'm 48. I fell on black ice walking my dogs in early Feb., 09. Spiral oblique complete fracture of the lower left tibia; same thing on the upper left fibula. At first, they all said surgery would be required, then said it could heal on its own. Following doctor's advice, I sat on the couch for a week and just tried to be as still as I could. Went back to work to a computer desk job after 1 week. Using the crutches is a pain - literally, due to advanced osteoarthritis in my "good" leg's hip due to a lifetime of abuse and overuse. After three OS visits and as many x-rays, they say I'm healing now. 3 more weeks in the full leg cast (NWB), then 2 weeks in a shorter, lower leg cast. Hoping that I'll be able to ride by early May; I have a bike trip to Key West already booked. Of course I had to break my shifting leg.

You may want to look into getting a waterproof cast cover if you haven't already. Makes showering so much easier:


Beats taping a trash bag to your leg, too!

Best wishes to you, Amanda - hope you heal up quickly and completely. Tough times don't last...tough guys/gals do!

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 Sat 7:27pm 28 February 2009
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