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Amanda_L : Week 8
Diary entry posted Mon 10:31am 9 March 2009

It seems as though the days are going very slow, but the weeks are going pretty fast. I have found that the computer is a great time killer during the days, as is reading, netflix & crafts. I had to be in the car for a 3 hour drive the other day, and that was not pleasant. No matter what, either my BL or the other leg hurt! I prop it up on the dash in the truck or the middle seat to help. Pillows are a great friend too. My hands are now callused from the crutches and typically painful in the mornings. Sleeping is still a struggle - just getting comfortable takes a good 20 mins. I have had my bone stimulator for a week now and have my first appt since getting it, this week. Am hoping for SOME sign of healing, as at week 7 there was none. Its amazing that the stimulator will work - it looks and feels like a cheap plastic gadget and runs off a 9V battery! I cant feel it run, hear it run or otherwise tell it is working except by the timer counting down from 30 mins.
But at this point, tell me toothpaste will heal it and I would try!!!

1-9-09 Fx Tib/Fib + surgery + 17 screws/2 rods
1-12-09 Out of hospital
2-26-09 No sign of healing. Bone stim ordered.
Con't NWB.

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 Mon 10:31am 9 March 2009
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