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Amy_H : Day 25
Diary entry posted Tue 8:52pm 3 July 2007

Okay, three days later and all is well. I find myself removing my boot and the Ace bandages at least once daily to see if the ankle still looks like it is supposed to. I am paranoid that the screw is going to pop out again because I don't know how it happened the first time. I also am fascinated with the 18 staples in my leg. I have noticed that they were a little sloppy and some of the staples really don't do anything, they are on one side of the incision so what is the point?

Anyway, I have noticed that hair is starting to grow around the incision. Obviously, I can't shave but I find this deplorable so I spent a good half hour tonight tweezing my incision. It was quite painful and I don't think I got every hair. Maybe another session tomorrow, since it is a holiday I'll have some extra time on my hands.

The incision itself still seems to be oozing a little but I guess since the second surgery was only a week ago that isn't completely abnormal. Sorry I don't mean to gross anybody out but since I have enjoyed reading about others' progress I thought I'd give you the whole scoop.

So I guess the next real exciting thing is that I go back to the doc on 7/17 to get the staples out. No weight on the leg until September when I have my second surgery. I have been logging onto my medical insurance's website daily and watching the claims stack up. Thank goodness I have insurance, the bills (totals) are already over $20K and it's not over yet.

Oh, I am going to New York next week (I live in Tennessee so this involves an airplane). This is a trip for work that I'd been planning for months, it is a training class so I really needed to go. I will fill you in on how that experience goes, I have notified the airline I need assistance so this should be an adventure.

On the whole I feel pretty good. I am down to only two Hydrocodone pills per day and I may not even need those, I'm just going to run out the bottle. Someone told me to take primrose and flaxseed oils to reduce inflammation so I'm trying that, too. I worked yesterday and today, and I'm quite exhausted so heading to bed now.

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 Tue 8:52pm 3 July 2007
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