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Amy_P : "Aren't you bored?"
Diary entry posted Fri 4:45pm 26 October 2007

That's what they've been asking me at work, anyway. How can I not be bored after 6 weeks of being at home with my foot up? Little do they know how very busy this whole thing is:

8:30 AM: Wake up.
8:30-9 AM: Lie in bed reminding myself that I still have a cast on and that I can't just hop out of bed.
9AM: realize that the full bladder (often with cats walking on it) trumps the delusion of normality and hop into the bathroom. Take pills for blood pressure, fibromyalgia, pain, allergies, gastric reflux. Run water for the cat.
9:30 AM: Check MBL.com for any new and interesting posts.
10AM: Hop to kitchen to fix breakfast and feed the cats. Eat breakfast while watching something on the TiVo. Nap optional after breakfast
11AM: Hop back to bedroom/bathroom to shower.
11-11:40AM: Shower (complete with cast cover, shower seat, handheld shower head which intensifies the low water pressure situation in the house, removing the cast cover before the cats chew a hole in it)
11:45 AM: Determine which clothes are relatively clean and which pants will actually fit over the cast.
12 noon-1PM: Jodi the petsitter arrives with the morning paper (yay!) and yesterday's mail (yay!). Chat with her while she scoops litter boxes, feeds the cats, takes out the trash.
1PM-2PM: fix and eat lunch and read the paper and mail
2PM-6PM: various activities including watching stuff on TiVo, reading, playing on the internet, gazing sadly at financial management software realizing that there really is no income, filling out disability application forms, and napping
6-7PM: Figure out something for dinner, nuke it and eat it. Or hope for some outside provisions.
7PM-10PM: More of the 2-6PM activities
10PM: take sleeping and pain pills
Midnight: finally get to sleep (if I'm lucky)

Now, how can that be boring??

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 Fri 4:45pm 26 October 2007
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