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Comment : Re: Re: Just a simple fall...
Posted by Hazel on Sun 2:11pm 4 November 2007

Your story sounds very similar to my experience - I fell at 2 am ish - just a simple fall and a broken/dislocated ankle followed by a night in hospital. I partially reduced my own fracture, but it fell apart again in x-ray. Entonox was my friend when the ambulance moved me to hospital and they put the back slab on in A&E. You are right - as a hospital pharmacist in ICU, I often assumed that once you had given lots of opiate, paracetamol etc the patient would be pain free - nothing takes away the pain. I had enough morphine (35mg IV) that it was causing respiratory arrest - the monitor kept me alive the night of surgery by waking me up. I would force conscious breathing, I desaturated to 78%, but I still felt pain!
Cats are wonderful - my black cat slept on my leg for days. Sadly I did not get to see my horse for several weeks.
I had to be careful around my mother in law's German Shepherd - she liked licking my toes! We now have a new German Shepherd puppy in the family, who loves to run with free abandonment - I worry about knees - so many on here have TPF from dogs crashing into them.

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 Sun 2:11pm 4 November 2007
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