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Amy_S : The story so far....
Diary entry posted Thu 1:07am 25 November 2004

Ok, so here is the story and timedates and whatnot.

October 8th 2004 - After a random night, me and my friend decided to go for a random slide down a HUGE slide on a big hill. It was about 10.15 at night, and no, we were not drunk and had not touched any alcohol. I got on the slide, and as it was wet, I thought I would go super slow.
I was wrong, and I went flying down and as it was dark and I could not see the bottom, it gave me a fright and I landed crack on my ankle.
It didnt hurt that bad to start off with, and I only knew it was wrong because it was facing the wrong way. I rang 111 (our emergency number) and got an ambulance. I fnially got to the hospital at 11.05.

October 9 2004 - After having an xray, I never actually got told by the doctor in the ED what was wrong with me. They jabbed me with 6 needles (as they could not find my vains) and had to call in the specialist doctor at about 1.30am. Finally it worked, and they got some morphine into me, but it still didnt work.
Because of the swelling they couldn't do much, so the doctor had to sorta put it back into place and put a back slab on it.
At about 3.45am, I finally get put in the ward for some sleep.

That morning, the doc (my orthopediac) came and seen me, took the cast off and said because of the swelling i wont be able to have an operation until at least Monday or Tuesday (it was a Saturday when he said this) so I went into the theatre that day, and they manipulated it back to where it should all be (so it didnt heal funny) and then I had a long wait in hospital until Monday or Tuesday.

October 11 2004 - FInally got the call from the doctor saying the swelling had gone down, and at 4pm that day I had an op which resulted in a left ankle ORIF. Took 3 hours.

This resulted in 10 screws, and a plate. I got told that one screw holding the tibia and fibula together will get taken out after 2 months.

October 14 2004 - I finally got released from hospital!! Yay. In a non WB cast, one of the heavier ones. I was in that for 10 days, til I returned to hospital.

Octber 21 2004 - Returned to hospital, had 38 staples removed and put into a lightweght fibrecast. Still no weight bearing.

November 13 2004 - Returned to hospital to get a new cast as the other one had stretched. Still no weightbearing til they remove that screw, which is probably on the 6th December.

So thats it. I switch between crutches and a wheelchair, as they do not want me to fall over and break it all again!

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 Thu 1:07am 25 November 2004
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