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Ana : My Bad Broken Story
Diary entry posted Thu 7:44pm 18 June 2009

Crack! i hear a pop. and i scream.

i didnt want to even wake up that morning. i shouldnt have. i love ice-skating it is all i ever do. i am fairly good in freestyle 4. and have been practicing for awhile. i was just free skating (in a camp. i was in a camp for a week) we practiced through out the week and the big preformance was on Friday. It was Thursday. i promised i would be there for the show. i was the best in my group so i had to be there i led everyone else. well during freeskate i was showing 2 of my freinds a jump. a schalow. they wanted to see it but lets start from the beggining of the freeskate. i got on the ice and star to skate around. there were a lot of people so i was trying to go around them. i was practice my jump one turn and land. one more turn and land perfectly fine. again great one more time perfectly fine. okay so my 2 friends said let me see you do a salcow and i said okay then waatch. i start. here i go okay jump. not so good this time.


i screamed! my 2 friends start laughing they thought i was kidding. then they relize i wasnt everyone comes over. the coach helps me off the ice i try to skate on it. yeah no. they pull of my boot ouch. they put mt on the couch and i relax and call my dad he comes to get me. they all thought it was only sprained. no. he took me 2 the doctor my bffs dad was the doctor they closed the car door and talked they both new it was broken but didnt tell me. so my dad drove me to the x-ray place.

i hate it there!!! they were mean they made me go in all different postions! they said "i am sorry hun we have other patients" and i am like whatever. then they took me dad around the corner and told him to tell me i had broken my right tibia right aboue the skating boot. a bad break. really bad. we all hoped i didnt have to have surgery. i got lucky no surgery. but my luck can change. it was thursday june 26th. we left town on saturday. yay. not. i got my cast on Friday. lucky me. i bright pink cast from my toes up to the top of my thigh. i also twisted my ankle and tore all the ligaments in it. which made my ankle very weak.

well i will survive. so now i am in texas i was told i have to have the cast on for six weeks but we will be out of town for that long so i will have to have it on for a longer amount of time. yay. i will keep you posted. bye bye for now!!!

love ana

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 Thu 7:44pm 18 June 2009
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