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Comment : Ice and Elevation
Posted by Diana_W on Sun 2:25pm 26 September 2004


Tell her congrats for the PWB!!

If she has swelling, our motto here is RICE (as everyone reminds me)...rest, ice, compression and elevation. Make sure that she relaxes and doesn't over do the PWB. Keep her foot above her heart so the blood flows out of her foot. Compression can be an ace bandage or a compression sock. The ice is crucial.

I'm just out of the boot and on an ankle brace. Broke the tib/fib/talus/surgery/HW almost 8 weeks ago. Casted for 5 weeks. Two weeks in the boot. I do the PT exercises 3 times a day and see the PT 3 times a week. Every time, it's ice and more ice for 20 minutes per session. My ankle swells all of the time, I ice and put on the ace bandage.

You can buy an ice comfort back on the web or at a medical supply store. My PT gave me one. It's fleece with two pockets and velcro straps. I bought four gel ice packs to put in the pockets, so I always have ice. It's easier than using regular ice that melts and drips all over the place.

Good healing to her. My OS said the talus is the hardest break because ankle rotation is in the talus. She's young and should bounce back soon. Good luck to both of you.


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 Sun 2:25pm 26 September 2004
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