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Comment : Talus Issues
Posted by Diana_W on Tue 2:39pm 5 October 2004


I think the hardest part is the talus fracture. Most ankle people have tib/fib issues but not talus. I think it's call a trimallear (spelling) fracture. I discovered in PT that it really interferes with my ability to walk forward or step forward off a little one inch baby step because it controls rotation. I want to fall forward because the talus is still weak. I can do toe stands, stand on the bad foot, etc, but that one step forward is still out of reach.

Since she's a dancer, she'll need that talus. She's young and limber, so her healing chances are much better. I'm 56 with osteoporosis, so the bone won't grow back. The OS said at best I'll have calcification and arthritis in that spot. It will fill in but not with new bone.

Thankfully, I just smashed part of it, the part by the fibula. He said he was picking out tiny pieces and throwing them away because they were useless for screws, pins, etc. He threw away good bone!

Wish her successful healing from me and all of us. Did you get a comfort velcro pack? Lots of web sites have them. Please urge her to ice 3-4 times a day.


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 Tue 2:39pm 5 October 2004
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