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Comment : Re: sorry about your little girl
Posted by Andi on Thu 8:07am 26 August 2004


I'm sorry to hear about your son too. I think sometimes it is harder to be the caregiver than the patient.

My daughter's surgery went very well, the doctor is convinced it will heal but she is on strict, strict, strict orders for NWB. Thinking back on when she was hard casted for the first 6 weeks, we probably were not strict enough as I know she "rested" her foot on the floor when standing/sitting. If I knew then what I know now I would have put her in a bubble for those 6 weeks. Live and learn. Hopefully this time it will heal.

Fourteen is also not an especially good age to be going through something like this (not that its all that great at any age). My daughter is starting her freshman year on Sept 8. She will be casted and on crutches and I am sure it is just killing her that all her friends are going to sports team tryouts next week and beginning of school year parties and such and the highlight of her week will be getting her stiches out and getting a hard cast put on her leg. As you said - this too shall pass but I'm glad to have others to talk to while we are going through it.

Thanks for the support.


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 Thu 8:07am 26 August 2004
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