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Andi : PWB!!!
Diary entry posted Wed 3:08pm 22 September 2004

My daughter started PWB with crutches and was put into a ski boot today. Woo hoo! Who ever thought I would be so happy about that?

Anyway, she has to start PT which I take as a good "sign". Unfortunately, the physical therapist I want to use does not have an appointment for us until Sept 30 for an evaluation. He is highly recommended so it is worth the wait.

I think she was suprised that she had some pain after the cast came off today when she started the PWB. She had to take a couple advil which she hadn't done since the day after surgery. Hopefully, that will subside with time. Does anyone out there know if icing will help (it still looks swollen).

Of course once again the doctor gave us the "range" of what "can happen" so from what I understand she can be fully healed any where from 2 weeks from now and may not be until 3 months from now. She was VERY upset with that scenario.

We go back Oct 20 so hopefully some healing (it will be 8 weeks) will show on the darn xray.

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 Wed 3:08pm 22 September 2004
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