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Diary entry posted Thu 1:45pm 5 August 2004

I ve had enough pain to last me a lifetime. Only now after 7 months and full weight bearing
do I feel almost human.
Let me start from the beginning. My name is Andrea I was and hope to be again a very active 56yr old, my passion is hiking. On Jan. 24,2004 my daughter and I set out for a hike at a state park. It was a beautiful cold day with plenty of packed snow and ice on the ground. The park was dessert so we allowed our two large and powerful dogs of the leash to enjoy a run. We were about one quarter into our hike. Standing there and talking, from nowhere the dogs at a great speed knocked into me and I went down. Little did I known I would not be getting up again for a long time.
We thought it comical, I kept trying to get up and did not understand why I could not stand. No pain at all. No one around, in the woods. Now what?? Thank God for cell phones. I guess lying in the snow kept the swelling down, until help arrived. The ambulance could not reach me.Two police offices came to my aid and carried me off to where the ambulance was waiting.Off to the hospital. Still no pain. After the x-rays were taken and I was told I had a very serious brake. Tibia Plateau Fracture, and shattered bone. Which they added bone during the operation. My mind then registered the extent of the injury. Then the pain started, and just does nt end. They put me together with 4 screws, a rod and plate. Stapled 36 times. Nine days, morphine drip the rest of the hosiptal stay is a blur.
Happy to come home. I received lots of TLC.Which wasn t enough when you know life was over as you knew it. Depressed me a lot! Four months of bed and looking out the window. I have seen all the seasons gone by. Finally its summer and after 4 months can put down my big toe. The cast is very heavy, and still crawling up the stairs to the upstairs bathroom. Fifth month and my cast comes off. Now I have a lightweight CPT brace, which I have to where indefinitly. I have mastered the art of cruches. Physical theraphy starts, my leg is a thin as my arm. I get a shower bench for my birthday, joys of the disable.
I am starting to get my independence back. Six months now I am able to drive.
Beginning my seventh month after the accident, I am now full weight bearing. Started my first wk back to work and it feels great to be almost whole again. Now I am using a 4 prong cain. The pain and swelling is still around. This is a long an slow process. But I am seeing progress. The trick to getting back to a full recovery is ice, ice, and more ice. Excerise everyday, and don t take anything for granted. Good luck to all. We will prevail. I want to thank all my family and friends that help me thru this. Great site. Andrea

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 Thu 1:45pm 5 August 2004
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