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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Your break sounds like mine
Posted by Marthajane on Thu 3:13pm 12 August 2004

Thanks for the long respond. I will take your advice and get some Osteo-Bi-Flex. My gait was off using the one cruch. So my back started hurting and my knee got large and swollen. Went to the Ortho doc. He put me back on 2 cruches, for another 3 wks. Can t win. I just want this to be over so many plans I have to cancell because of being temp. handicaped. I remember the pin and needle pain, in my foot. Now passed that the leg feels stiff and the knee cap hurts. I will think about yoga when all this is behind me. My leg is so week, every once in awhile it will give way laterally. The doc says time will tell if eventually that will end. Coming up second opinion on 9/14. Thanks for taking an interest.

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 Thu 3:13pm 12 August 2004
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