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Andrea2 : oh how things can change in the blink of an eye
Diary entry posted Mon 9:14pm 28 November 2011

I was doing some house work a few weeks ago, and up on a ladder when in the blink of an eye my plans for the next several weeks were changed. I fell off the ladder, not that far, but must have landed wrong, because i landed on my leg/ankle and felt and heard a pop. I layed there for a bit in pain and in denial, knowing what I had just heard and in fear that I'd just broken my leg, when I finally tried to move I felt the worst pain I've ever felt shooting through my let, I knew right there it was probably broken. Luckily my cell phone was close and I called a friend to come and get me. She arrived, and managed to help me into her car and off to the ER we went. She grabbed a wheelchair and wheeled me in, I eventually ended up in x-ray where it felt like they were torturing me trying to get the different angles for the films, and I found myself in a room waiting on the doc to arrive. To no suprise she told me that I had indeed broken my leg, but that it was broken in two places, I had broken my tibia and fibula. She told me that the break would not require surgery as long as I was okay with spending some time in a cast. How bad can that be, right? Wrong, the next few moments, minutes, hours, who knows, were pure hell, setting the bone seemed to take hours, although they said they set it quickly, and no pain med helps in that department. Followed by a cast.
A cast right, shouldn't be too bad, paint my toes and look cute, probably be able to walk on it a little (just don't tell dr) and everything will be okay, let me tell you, that's a fairytale. This cast is not just any cast, but the mother of all casts, going from my toes up past my ankle, up my leg, past my knee and up my thigh almost to my #?*! with my ankle held snuggly at a 90 degree angle and my knee at around a 45 degree angle making it impossible to touch the floor when i stand and totally dependant on crutches. Also, did i mention that it's hot pink? Hot pink, sticks out like a sore thumb, my friend thought it would be a good idea, a cute color, and me, all doped up on pain meds agreed.
So anyway here I am, 5 weeks later, wearing the worlds largest cast, the pain in my leg has subsided, and feeling confident in myself having mastered simple tasks like going to the bathroom, getting dressed (yes, i did figure out how to get panties over this thing), and the biggest of all, bathing without getting the cast wet! (that one was a challenge) It seems like that one was top of the list of the do's and don't's of having a cast that they go over with you while your cast is drying and you're laying there in that state of shock looking at your leg like omg, what did I do, what am I going to do with a friend at your side telling you it's going to be okay, while secretly saying, boy I'm glad that's you and not me.
Anyway, I have learned what good friends I have, they've really been great to help me with things and cheer me up, and sign the cast for me and paint my toes that I can't reach. Is signing the cast childish, idk, I'm 30, but we did it anyway.
Also, an itch inside the cast, what do you do for that? there are places in a full leg cast that you just can't reach with that wire coat hanger. And the smell, at first there was nothing, but in the past couple weeks it's started to get a little fragrant, a little embarrassing for me, I have another week to go in this cast and then a cast change, to another full leg cast :( for another 6 weeks, and then a shorter one, hopefully weight bearing.
I haven't gone out much, but when I do I always get the aww, what happenned and tell the story over and over again. It gets old, but at least people care and are concerned. I'm not sure what to expect with the cast change, my friends tell me that the dr will saw the cast off and that it doesn't hurt, is that true, are they right? Also, what will my leg look like? I hope it isn't too bad or I will be embarassed. That's about it for now, I'll post more later on, just a few questions dealing with the smell, the itch, and the cast change for now.
It's great to find a board where there are others going through a similar situation as mine, get well soon to all of you!


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 Mon 9:14pm 28 November 2011
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