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Andrew_Q : My Story
Diary entry posted Mon 7:40am 18 July 2011

As I head in for my bone graft surgery tomorrow I thought it might be a good time to tell my story of my BL. Back on April 18th, I was in a motorcycle accident, hit from behind by a tractor trailer. The accident left me with a fractured femur and a open compound break to my tibia and fibula. My tibia suffered the most damage as the blow out due to the accident left me with just under a 2inch piece of my tibia missing.
The first set of surgeries were just to reconnect my leg as it was 2/3 severed just above the ankle as well as placing a rod in my femur.
The next set of surgeries placed a muscle flap over the injured area and three skin grafts in a variety of damaged locations along the leg below the knee. In addition the OS place a plate with 7 screws on my fibula.

About two weeks ago the external fixator that held my leg together was removed in preparation for my bone graft tomorrow. During the surgery the bone graft will be taken from the iliac crest and a rod will be placed in my tibia to connect the two broken pieces.

Yes I am a bit nervous and anxious about the surgery but know it is necessary for me to be FWB again.

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 Mon 7:40am 18 July 2011
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