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Andrew_S : Story continued
Diary entry posted Mon 6:35pm 24 April 2006

So I got out of the hospital, still groggy from the dilaudid, and proceed to throw up for 15 minutes in the parking lot until my friend and his father pick me and my car up, and drive me home. They don't give me any painkillers to take home.

The pain over the next few days was unbearable, so I went to the doctor 3 days later. The doctor leaves the room, makes a phone call, and she comes back with a wheelchair. She says that I'm going to the ER - again - because she thinks I have compartment syndrome. My foot was turning dark purple at that point, and my leg hurt like hell.

When I got to the ER, I was immediately taken back and seen. I didn't have compartment syndrome. Furthermore, the X-rays show that I don't have a broken leg. Interesting. Still no painkillers.

The next few weeks were hell.

After following up with the orthopaedics/sports medicine department of the hospital about 2 or 3 weeks later, I get more Xrays, and an MRI taken.

The results - broken fibula, partially fractured tibia. Bone chips floating around in my knee and thigh. Torn LCL.

Then I go for an EMG / nerve conduction study, which showed that my peroneal nerve was entrapped.

They strap an aircast walking boot on me and refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon.

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 Mon 6:35pm 24 April 2006
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