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Andrew_S : Part III, Surgery
Diary entry posted Mon 7:23pm 24 April 2006

I knew something was wrong when I had the MRI. After they finished and the radiology techs tell me that I can put my pants and boot back on, the radiologist comes in to tell me that they want to do a couple of more angles.

My ortho doc tells me a week later that I'm having surgery. Crap! I knew something was wrong, because I have drop foot, my knee hurts all the time and I can't straighten my leg.

I see the orthopaedic surgeon in February, about 3 months after the accident. She's really nice. We talk a lot about medicine, med school, residency, and Ohio State football.

I'm studying to be an orthopaedic surgeon, myself. This experience might put me ahead of the learning curve.

So she checks me out, tells me that I'm a good surgical candidate, but it will take 2 years to fully heal. That bummed me out.

So the day of the surgery arrives. I wasn't nervous at all, until they tell me to get undressed and put on my gown and shower cap. The anesthesiologist goes over my injuries with her.. she's impressed with my medical jargon.

All the while, I'm praying that I don't need a catheter.

The IV goes in. I'm getting antsy. Then they shoot me up with Versed. AWWWWWWWW yeah... My mom tells me that I was cracking jokes and making all of the staff laugh, but I don't remember much of it.

They wheel me into the OR. I get on the operating table. I ask the other anesthesiologist what drugs they are giving me.. He says "I like to call it Milk of Amnesia." Smart ass. Someone says, "Ok Andrew, pick out a good dream!"

I say "The Cleveland Indians winning the World Series," but it probably sounded like, "the creaveaaekl adklsjdi czxkjji qwoind wojw uhhhhhhhhhhhh," because the only response I hear from them is "huh?"

What seemed like 10 seconds later, I was awake, in another soft cast and knee immobilizer. I ask "Did I have surgery already?"

"Yes, you did great."

"How could I?" I asked. "I've only been asleep for 10 seconds!"

The nurse says to me, "You've been out for 6 hours."

They change my dressing and check my wound the next morning, and send me home.

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 Mon 7:23pm 24 April 2006
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