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Andrew_T : The Beginning 4/1/11
Diary entry posted Mon 7:07pm 11 April 2011

Hello all, my name is Andrew and this is my story. I am a 12 year old boy living in New York. On April Fools Day, no less, my life was changed for a while. It is a Friday and it is 3 pm. I just got home from school and I had a friend over. I did what I normally did when I got home. Since it was such a beautiful day and I had summer in my mind, I decided to change up my clothes. Instead of wearing jeans, I put on a pair of athletic shorts. Also I figured that I would go in my closet and find my adidas sandals which have been sitting in there since September. Actually no, I wear them to school sometimes so more like February. I took my socks off and threw on my sandals. In my backyard, I have a cool oak tree. I jumped up on the first branch and then jumped to the second. Before I knew it, I was about 20 feet in the air. When I was going to get down, my sandal on my right foot slipped off and I lost my balance. Guess what happens next?? I fall 20 feet to the ground. I landed on my right side. I was dazed and confused when I woke up. I was laying on my back in severe pain. Then I realized that I was in a helicopter. They had a needle in my arm and all I saw was blood and medical equipment. When they brought me into the hospital they gave me x rays and admitted me into a room. I was out there because they had me on so much pain killers. When I was starting to come around my parents told me the bad news. I had several injuries from head to toe:
Displaced Collarbone Fracture- no surgery
5 broken ribs
Communited femoral shaft fracture- IM Rod with 8 screws
distal tibial shaft fracture- Wire and Nails
4 Broken Bones in Foot

Apparently when I landed, my foot landed on a sharp edged rock. This punctured my skin and went right through the sole of my foot. This needed emergency surgery but I am not exactly sure what they did. Now, I still am in the hospital with a spica cast and my arm in a sling. I am in the hospital because of a few reasons. One is that they are observing my foot which is held together by staples. Two, is that I need two more surgeries. One on my femur to put in more screws because apparently there are only 8 when there is supposed to be 12. I also need surgery on foot again. By the way, my sandal was cut in half due to the impact! So my leg cast is like this. It goes from my thigh to my ankle on my bad leg and from my thigh to my knee on the "good leg". However my good leg is not all good because they are afraid that my leg will be considerably shorter than the other. On my foot, I just have an ace bandage around it. I can't wait to talk to everyone about my accident and I can't wait to hear everyone elses stories!!

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 Mon 7:07pm 11 April 2011
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