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Comment : let the race begin!
Posted by Beth on Tue 8:14am 19 February 2002

Ok, lets see who can walk with out crutches first! (lol) Here's my story: 1-24-02
My horse was in the Cross-ties in the barn, I was grooming her when something spooked my 1000# pet.....I was kneeling down at her side to clean her hooves when she stood straight up and pushed me to the side. I heard 2 pops and knew right away that I had broken my ankle- BAD...Someone unzipped my paddock boots and then I saw my horrible looking ankle...(I'm also an ER nurse- we make the worst patients he he) Someone out at the barn where I board her called the ambulance- who was right across the street.....I said I would NEVER ride in an ambulance, but after they offered pain meds,I agreed. I was taken to the ER where I work and they gave me the bad news. A trimalleolar Fx- my first response was- "well fix it- I have to work this weekend". I guess I should have said that this happened on a Thursday...
They sedated me and reduced the ankle so it looked more normal and the bones once again lined up...and put in in a long leg splint.
The OS was called and came right in. The OR didn't have time available then, so he decided to send me home until the swelling was down and do surgery on Monday. That was the worst 4 days of my life! I called the ER crying the next day because of the pain- one of my best friends- the ER doc said to come in for admission for pain relief, but I was determined that I could do it....not a great idea when I look back at it. Well, I made it through the weekend and had Surgery Monday 1-28-02. The OS placed a plate and 8 screws total..they wanted to let me go home from the hospital the next day, but I convinced him that just 1 more day in the hospital would be a good idea. I left the hospital with a splint on my leg that only went to my knee this time. My first office visit was 2-7-02, he removed the splint and put on a cast. He said at the next visit on 3-14-02, they would re-xray and probably give me a "removable" cast....how nice that would be!
I am sorry for the long response. keep in touch and let me know how u are doing.
Let me just say for the record, I am very thankful I live in Fl, because I am not sure how I would do this in the snow...

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 Tue 8:14am 19 February 2002
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