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Andy_J : 19/07 : One slip and i waved goodbye to my summer
Diary entry posted Wed 4:25am 11 August 2004

Monday 19th July - I woke up early that day, as i needed to get down to my friends house, as about 5 of us were going on a LONG road trip down to a place in Wales where one of my friends parents owns a small place.

It was meant to be a getaway from our College work and a relaxing few weeks beside the sea.

We only got there about 5pm, and decided to watch a DVD as we were all pretty tired from the drive. After the film went off i decided to go kick the football around outside for a bit, as my legs were stiff from not being used much that day.

I kicked the ball a bit too far away from me, so i ran after it, and as soon as i reached the ball, my right ankle slipped on the grass and i slid across the ground with my right knee bent. I felt a pop, like someone had just taken aim with a shotgun and took out my kneecap.

The pain was intense, some friends helped me up and into the house where i stayed overnight in a chair. The next morning i still couldnt move my leg, it was starting to scare me. I got a lift from a friend down to the local hospital (which is more like a house, if i sprained my wrist, or twisted my ankle, this is the place to be, not when i fracture my leg), where they instantly told me at the door that i needed to go to the big hospital nearby as it was the only place with an x-ray machine and the staff available.

A 50 mile drive later, and i reached the hospital of the nearby town. X-rays and Ct scan later and the doctors told me i had fractured my growth plate, at the top of my leg (which i thought was the tibial plateau) and i needed to have the leg operated on, as it could prove to be problematic when i'm older as it affects the way the knee bends.


Doctors came and went as i lay in the ER. They finally came to the conclusion that my leg wasnt to be operated on after all, as i'm 18 and they didnt want to scar me for life, and put some metal in my leg when i'm quite a keen footballer(soccer).

This part was going to hurt...

The plaster cast man came and with the help of 2 doctors managed to push down on my knee and make the leg completely straight. THANK GOD FOR PAINKILLERS. and then wrapped up my leg in a blue cast, man the warm fuzzy feeling of the cast being put on was nice!

That night i was put on the ward, and stayed there for 8 days as i couldnt drive home, and my friends only had a small car, there was no way i would fit in there. So i had to wait for my parents to drive all the way down (hundreds of miles) and take me home in a big car (the kind that fits about 8 people in).

And thats about it for now.. i'm sat here three weeks later still in my blue cast. I've missed most of the good weather, back to rainy old England i know!

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 Wed 4:25am 11 August 2004
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