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Andy_R : Spiral Fractured my left Fibula, how it happened
Diary entry posted Fri 8:46am 4 January 2008

Well, most people have a neat story to go with their break. Mountain biking, sports, etc. I just fell on my basement steps! Yep, 26 yrs old and the fibula fractured like I was 90 yrs old!
It was a Thursday night and I had just finished studying for a law school final for Friday night. I went into my basement to get laundry and just missed the bottom step and landed with all my weight on the left foot while it was twisted outward. I didn't hear a break or anything, just a whole lot of pain. As in, I had to lay on my basement floor for 30 minutes before I could get up! Luckily, my sister was home and drove me to the ER. The PA at the ER told me it wasn't broken but she'd x-ray just to make sure. Boy was she wrong. Spiral fracture near the bottom. I got vicodin and went home.
OS the next morning confirmed my worse fears. I needed ORIF to repair this. He said there was no question in his mind that I needed ORIF. I would get terrible arthritis and have a load of problems if I didn't. So, they scheduled me for Monday morning.
I took my final that night on pain meds, still not sure how I did ;) Had surgery Monday morning. I was terrified when I got to the surgery center but they shot me up with Versed once the IV was in and away went the fear.
When I came to, I was the proud owner of 7 screws and a 6-7inch long plate. They had given me a nerve block in my leg so I didn't feel anything until about 10:00pm that night. And then...wow, what pain. I was taking 2 percocets every 3 hrs. I was really suprised they needed that large of a plate and so many screws. I was thinking it would be 1 or 2 screws!
A week after surgery I went back and had the stitches removed and a hard cast put on. My OS said he was "putting me on the aggressive rehab plan" and said I only was going to have the cast for 3.5 weeks. Well, it should come off next week and then the therapy starts, along with the darth boot.

I can't put into words how excited I am to get rid of these crutches.
The funny this is, about a week before the accident, my fiance and I were talking about how neither of us had ever broken a bone. It's funny how fast your life can change. A stupid fall on my basement steps leads to an injury that requires surgery and months of therapy. Plus, I really hate the fact that I have a bunch of metal in my leg.
The OS said there is a "30% chance that this HW will need to come out." I don't know how accurate that is, but I don't think I'll want to keep mine forever!!

I'll let you all know how it goes!

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 Fri 8:46am 4 January 2008
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