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Angel2 : Broken Tibia and Fibula, Merry Christmas
Diary entry posted Mon 8:15am 17 January 2011

On December 27th 2010 my husband and I made our way from WV to Cleveland, OH for our long awaited 2 days of fun at the world's largest indoor mountain bike park. When we arrived I decided to warm up on my hardtail and leave my brand new, yet to be ridden full suspension rig in the car. So off we go into the park. I speant an hour and a half in the beginner room and it was awesome! Indoor terrain is smooth, fast and unforgiving of mistakes so I was being very cautios. After warming up we went to the more advanced XC course. We were riding up in the rafters, across log and rock obstacles, down ramps and then came one obstacle I knew I was not comfortable on yet, the bank. But I tackled the bank. Instead of going low, I went high. That was mistake 1. Mistake 2, I slowed down. Mistake 3, I lost balance and put my foot down to regain balance- that was the biggest mistake. Down I started to go, my right foot went up into the crank and gears and the bike went in the air and my leg we SNAP. I heard it, I felt it, I knew. It took about 30 minutes for the paramedics to arrive. When they got there they would not give me any pain medication. I was about 100 yards back into the park with no egress so they put me on a pliable litter and hoisted me over retaining walls and carried me across obstacles to get me out. Everytime the end of that litter hit the bottom of my foot it felt like my leg was breaking all over again. This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Since I am allergic to sulfites they would give me no pain relief on the way to the ER. By the time I arrived it had been over an hour. Xrays showed a broken tibia and that the fibula was broken in several places. I had surgery the next morning to insert a rod in the tibia and to cut into my calf to relieve the compartment syndrome that I was developing. I was released on December 30th and we drove 6 hours to our home in the eastern panhandle of WV.
So here I have been, recovering. I cannot put any weight on the leg, I am walker/crutches or wheelchair bound. I finally got on a regular cast this past Friday. I had to wear the post surgical splint and wrap for 2 weeks, and they added a week because I developed cellulitis on the injured foot.
My 2 saving graces are my husband. Words cannot express how great he has been. And that I can work from home.
I will be in recovery for months. So I decided a diary might not be a bad thing. This first entry is catch up.
To all others in recovery, how are you dealing with this?

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 Mon 8:15am 17 January 2011
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