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Comment : Re: What fun things can you do?
Posted by Angelina on Thu 11:16pm 20 January 2011

Dear Angel2,

I checked this site because my girlfriend (an older woman) was hit by a car December 16th. Both her legs were broken (and her pelvis fractured).

Personally, I can speak about having a lot of down time because I had TWO open-heart surgeries.


Surfing the Net

Phone Conversations

READING (Try reading books of different types of books, for example, if you usually read novels, read nonfiction; if you usually read hard facts, try reading something "New Agey" and spiritual)

WRITING TO FRIENDS -- hard-copy letters are very different than simple texting or email. Even if your friends call you on the phone in response, it's a gift to receive a hard-copy letter and YOU can be the "Gifter." As a person who is the only one in my group of friends who writes hard-copy letters, you'd be surprised how different your thinking comes across when you take the time to write a friend a "real letter." Some of my friends save my letters for years and it focuses my ideas and "introduces me to myself" when I write a letter to a friend.

MEDITATE and if you don't know how get a book on this as this will speed healing. You don't have to be entertained by outside stimuli all the time and this healing time is the chance to learn more about who you really are.

JOURNAL WRITING Date and time every entry and write down every emotion, thought and new idea you have in all this time you have for reflection -- who knows, you might come up with a great idea while you're waiting for your leg to heal.

Wishing you only the best and I hope you found some of this helpful.


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 Thu 11:16pm 20 January 2011
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